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This is a list of open source projects that I am either the owner of or contributed to. I am always looking for feedback or help on any of my projects so don't be shy. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of my projects.


Data validation has always been a tedious process and its one I set out to rid myself of. The problem with validation is that you can’t ignore the client or the server; you usually need to account for them both. In the first iteration of the project I decided to focus on the server. Most of the projects I work on these days are database driven applications. ColdFusion 9 brought to us all the power of Hibernate ORM combined with the ease of ColdFusion.

I decided that I wanted to a way to validate my entities and set out looking for a solution. Without any luck I decided that it was time to write my own validation framework. I took a look at the Java world and there is a really great framework called Hibernate Validator. This requires some really low level access to the Java objects which I don’t really have so I decided to mock my framework after this. Another great addition to ColdFusion 9 was the ability to supply metadata to components and properties using annotations. This seemed like a perfect match and was the beginning of my validation framework.


Like most people when I first picked up the ColdBox framework I was a little intimidated. The framework seemed like It was just too complex to learn and all I really needed it for was a simple project. The one thing you could not argue with though is the documentation. The ColdBox team has done an amazing job documentation and samples for the framework. It was this reason alone that I chose to use it for a big project at work. I had another developer working on the project with me who wasn’t really familiar with MVC frameworks and needed him to get up to speed on it.

Right around this time the ColdBox team announced a new modules contest. The just released a new version of ColdBox that allowed for module development. This was an easy way to write a standalone application that could be dropped into a ColdBox application and used. One of the things I hated doing for every application was setting up roles based security. There are so many things that go into this piece of the application and I thought what a great idea for a module. Why not write a security module that you could just drop into your application, configure and go. With that Solitary was born, and as a bonus I entered it into the contest and took first place!


I have always been a big fan of jQuery and the large plugin community that comes with it. So when work asked me to design a large menu to contain all of our products in one easy to use menu I was presented with a great opportunity. After looking around and never finding the perfect plugin I decided to write my own. This was before I really got good at writing plugins so it’s still a little raw, but I plan on updating it soon.


BlogSlider is a jQuery plugin that I wrote for my cfObjective 2011 presentation "Writing your first jQuery plugin". It is a basic slider plugin that rotates between some of my favorite blogs. While its nothing new or groundbreaking it does show off some core concepts of a jQuery plugin. It allows you to automatically cycle through blogs or click on a certain blog to jump to it.

CFUnited 2010 Mobile Application

CFUnited was one of the biggest ColdFusion conferences around before it came to an end in 2010. It just so happened that I was giving a presentation on Building mobile applications using Sencha Touch. I decided that building a mobile site for the conference would not only be a great example to show off during the presentation but it would give me some real world experience. The presentation ended up being a huge success and while the mobile app wasn't perfect it wasn't bad for something I just threw together.

Pastebin ColdFusion Builder Extension

One of the coolest things about ColdFusion Builder is the ability to extend the IDE with extensions. Pastebin is a service that allows you to share formatted code with others. If your working on some code and need to ask for a friends help this is a perfect way to share code. I ended up building an extension that would allow you to select a file or a block of code and automatically post it to Pastebin using their API. When the post is complete you will get back a url that you can then share with your friends.


A multiple file upload component written in Flex that uses ColdFusion on the server side to handle the actual upload of the file. I have re written this entire application based on some great user feedback. CFMU is now a custom tag and no longer requires an XML settings file. There are many examples of how to customize the tag included in the download.

Credit Card Generator

This project is used to produce credit card numbers for the 4 major types of credit cards (Visa,Mastercard,Discover,Amex). When you are working with applications that accept credit cards you need a way of testing them. I created a component that will let you call a method and pass it a type and it will return a number that you can use to test.

I am a proud team member of BlogCFC, the awesome Blog software written by Ray Camden. The blog on this site is powered by BlogCFC and if you are looking for ColdFusion based blog software I suggest you check it out. While I didn't write any of the code for the software I did help out in another way. I designed (It's not pretty) and created a new home for blogcfc.

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This is just a small sample application I built to show off a technique I used to solve a real clients issue. If you want you can read a blog post that explains this application here

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This is just a small sample application I built to show off how to create a custom toolbar button in tinymce. I also created a quick screencast to go along with the code which can be viewed at