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Groovy's null safe operator
diana said: Thanks for the cold fusion example..... [More]

Groovy's null safe operator
avi said: thanks danvega for the information.... [More]

Sneakerhead Git Branches
James Brown said: The successful branching model you referenced can be used even if here is only one developer on a pr... [More]

Learning Groovy & Grails at Harvard
Sam Farmer said: Signed up and ready to go! [More]

Groovy & Grails - List of Learning Resources
Eric Pierce said: Thanks for this, Dan! [More]

Sublime Text 2 Keyboard Shortcuts (Printable)

Anyone who knows me knows how big of a fan I am of Sublime Text. I came across a website today that has some printable pdf documents with Sublime Text Shortcuts for both Mac & PC. I just wanted to share these with you and also thank the author for these wonderful documents.


Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2

I have become a huge fan of Sublime Text 2. It's full featured, customizable and all the cool kids are using it. I came across a tuts+ Premium video that was posted on YouTube and it is really awesome. You get a 2.5 hour walk through on getting started with the editor and pretty much everything you need to now.


Bootstrap layout template with padding

A question came up on the Bootstrap Google Group.

I have been at this for HOURS (no joke) without any success. To make it as short as possible, how do I achieve a 960px or 980px width with Twitter Bootstrap with a gutter space of 20px? The closest I've been able to get is 950px which is not enough
I have always had a problem with this because if you start with a normal layout and a background your content is run up against the edges. If you try and add padding to the row or span it will throw off the grid. This is what a normal starter layout would look like.

And this is what the code looks like.

The way I found to get around this was to wrap a div around the content area. This way you can add some padding and a negative margin to keep everything in tact. Of course if you do this your layout width goes from the standard 940px to 980px (20px gutter on each side). This will give you a layout that looks like this.

And here the code to accomplish that.

I am not sure this is the right answer (even though I offered it up as one) so I am reaching out to you guys. How can you keep a bootstrap structure and achieve the desired affect? I know there are probably ways you can do it adjusting column widths but who wants to do that.


Google Chrome Canary

I am huge fan of Google Chrome and probably use it more than any other program. One of the reason for that is the Chrome Developer Tools. They are always coming out with cool new features and the developer in me loves to test them out before the masses get them. Did you know there is a version of Google Chrome that you can download that will contain these bleeding edge features? If you answered no than I have treat for you today. The Google Canary project is just that. You can download a bleeding edge version that will, wait for it... Run side by side with your stable version of Chrome. Who would of thought that would be useful! Anyways download it today by clicking on the links below.

On a side note does anyone know if there are release notes posted for each build and if so where? It would be nice to know what changes when.


Looking for a ColdFusion developer in Cleveland

Yesterday I announced my plans to join First Comp. Today I would like to help my current employer fill my position. I really like the people here and the company is doing some great things. This is why I want to help them as much as I can to find my replacement. If you are in the Cleveland area and have the following skill set please contact me.

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Strong front end development skillset
  • ColdFusion
  • jQuery

It really is a great place to work for an individual who wants the freedom to take a project from start to finish as they see fit. If you have any questions about the position please let me know.


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