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Groovy's null safe operator
diana said: Thanks for the cold fusion example..... [More]

Groovy's null safe operator
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Sneakerhead Git Branches
James Brown said: The successful branching model you referenced can be used even if here is only one developer on a pr... [More]

Learning Groovy & Grails at Harvard
Sam Farmer said: Signed up and ready to go! [More]

Groovy & Grails - List of Learning Resources
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Mastering Grails 101 - Video Course

There is a back to (Tech) school sale going on over at O'Reilly. One of the video series that caught my eye was Berglund and McCullough on Mastering Grails 101 series. This looks like a pretty basic introduction to Grails but I really like the format. It is more of a round table discussion which I really like as its a nice break away from the normal tutorial style presentation. It is a little over a year and half old but it still covers Grails 2 and you get 3 hours and 20 minutes of video. Did I mention the price? With the 50% off you can get this whole series for $14.99. No reason not to pick it up today. Below is a small excerpt from the series.


Learning Groovy & Grails at Harvard

Do you want to learn Groovy & Grails? Have you ever wanted to attend Harvard? Well now you can do both thanks to a class being offered at Harvard. If you're near the campus you can attend the class in person but if not, don't worry there is an option for you. This class is also available online on Friday's from 5:30-7:30 or you can watch a recording of it.

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive overview of using the Groovy language and the Grails framework to rapidly create real-world web applications. Students learn front-end technologies (MVC, Ajax, REST), persistence with GORM using Hibernate and NoSQL datastores, convention-over-configuration, and application and plugin development best practices. Topics include artifacts, internationalization, building and deploying, testing, integration, security, and performance. Groovy topics including dynamic and static typing, closures, DSLs, and the meta-object protocol. Prerequisite: experience with Java or another object-oriented programming language and some server-side web development.

If you click on the link below you can find the syllabus for the class. It looks like a really well put together course along with a little bit of homework and 2 exams. Did I mention that Burt Beckwith is teaching this class? He is a really smart guy and I am not sure anyone is more qualified than him to be leading this class. I can think of many worse ways to spend 2 hours of my week. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Sublime Text 2 Keyboard Shortcuts (Printable)

Anyone who knows me knows how big of a fan I am of Sublime Text. I came across a website today that has some printable pdf documents with Sublime Text Shortcuts for both Mac & PC. I just wanted to share these with you and also thank the author for these wonderful documents.


IntelliJ Spring Bean Injection Notification

In my quest to learn Groovy and Grails I have been using Sublime because that is what I am familiar with. I have also been testing out IntelliJ on the recommendation from almost everyone. I have to agree that it is pretty darn awesome and I want to look at one smaller, but pretty cool feature today.

In the following PostController I have declared two properties. Each of these classes have already been instantiated and declared as a bean in spring. So rather than import them and create a new instance I will use what already exists. The cool thing is you can see the 2 bean icons in the gutter. This means that Spring has recognized these as valid beans and will inject them for us. When you hover over them it will let you know that Spring has injected the bean.


Groovy & Grails - List of Learning Resources

A friend asked me if I could put a master list of resources together for learning Groovy and Grails. I like to learn from a variety of resources. I love the 3 books that I have but I also enjoy watching a video presentation during lunch. I know I am missing some but this is my list and this is what I have been using. Feel Free to add your favorites in the comments.






  • Berglund and McCullough on Mastering Grails 101



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