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Grails Spring Security Plugin - Logout postOnly setting
Jan said: Hello your solution seems to work. - But why is a POST logout needed? I was actually thinking about ... [More]

jQuery Select Example
mysql services said: nice commands to work and apply in projects really helpful [More]

ColdFusion cfinvokeargument bug
Paul Rowe said: I understand the frustration with this. Unfortunately, I think this is one of the "affordances&... [More]

ColdFusion cfinvokeargument bug
Adam Cameron said: @Henry is correct. This is standard behaviour in all CFML tags as far as I am aware. It's counter-in... [More]

ColdFusion cfinvokeargument bug
Henry Ho said: @AndyK cfinvoke was the only way to invoke a function dynamically without using Evaluate() back then... [More]


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