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Removing duplicates from an array of objects
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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Adobe CS5.5 Roadshow Cleveland Images

Paul Trani, Jason Levine and Greg Rewis came to Cleveland for the Adobe CS5.5 Roadshow. These three worldwide Adobe Evangelists gave an amazing 3 hour overview of the new Creative Suite. The event, held at The Botanic Gardens, was a huge success, thanks especially to the hard work of April Clark, IDUG Chapter co-rep and Adobe ACE. I also had a small hand in helping promote the event and represented the Cleveland Adobe User Group. If you click on the image below you can view the full set of photos that were taken by Mari Hulick.


June User Group Meeting Social Hour

This is just a reminder that the Cleveland Adobe User Group meeting for June is this Thursday. We're getting together to eat, drink, talk shop and Announce a special upcoming event! It's going to be HUGE so you don't want to miss this! Te social hour meetup encourages new people to the group to come hang out and meet other members. We are going to discuss our next meeting as well as a special event in the makings. So please come out to Quaker Steak and enjoy some wings, beverages and good company.

Update: We moved the meeting to next Tuesday, June 21st.


Cleveland Adobe User Group: Meeting Minutes 2/8/2011

Topic:  Flex Mobile Test Drive
Presenter:  Dan Vega
Description:Tonight we went through a few videos from the Flex Mobile Test Drive. It was pretty hard to see a lot of the code but I hope everyone got excited about the new features in Flash Builder “Burrito”.  I have included a lot of the links we talked about during the meeting below. Please take the next month to look through this information and try the test drive. At the beginning of the next meeting we will recap this meeting and answer any questions you might come across in your journey. Thanks to everyone who made the trip out for the presentation.  
Adobe Labs – Download Flash Builder “Burrito”
Flex Mobile Test Drive

Flex SDK & Flash Builder Prerelease signup

Adobe Edge Articles by Brian Rinaldi

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Flex “Hero”

I am taking over as manager of the Cleveland Adobe User Group

There are some major changes that are going on with the Cleveland User groups that we announced today. We have had the Adobe User Group and the ColdFusion user group for the longest time now. We treated these groups as totally separate groups for awhile and only recently started combing our meetings. I have had the privilege of serving as co manager of the ColdFusion user group for almost 2.5 years now under manager Brian Meloche.

Both of us and the guys who run the Adobe User group came to a conclusion a little while back that we are just not getting the attendance we want having separate groups. It is also a lot of working coming up with fresh content that users can really get excited about. We decided that instead of having two groups we would combine them into a single web design and development user group. I think this gives us a much broader audience to target and yet still have presentations that revolve around the Adobe community.

Tonight was our first meeting of the year so we decided to make our announcements tonight. I will be taking over the group and Andrew Maurer will be taking over as co manager. While these are title changes I fully expect Brian Meloche and Mike Cooper will stay on and contribute as much as they can. These groups would not be where they are today without them so I think I speak for Andrew & I when I say what an honor it was to serve as co managers under them. We are taking this very seriously and hope to grow this group into something that we can all be proud of.

Finally I would like to say a few words about my mentor Brian Meloche. This guy has been probably the single most important person in my development as a programmer and as a ColdFusion community professional. I remember meeting Brian back when he was leading the Adobe user group. He took me under his wing and told me what to do as a developer to get recognition from my peers. He gave me the confidence to speak at local user group meetings which would eventually lead into ColdFusion conferences. I would not be the developer I am today and aspired to be 5 years back if it was not for Brian. So with that Brian, I thank you for everything you have done for me and I am happy to take the reigns from you. Hopefully I will be able to inspire others as you have inspired me.


ColdFusion 9 & Flex 4 Tour in Cleveland

On Wednesday, June 17th, join us for what will be the biggest Adobe user group event in Cleveland history! All of the official Adobe groups: The Cleveland ColdFusion User Group, the Cleveland Flex User Group, the Cleveland Adobe User Group and the Cleveland InDesign User Group join forces for this big, big, BIG... SOOOOO BIGGG event that you'll want to be there!

The ColdFusion 9 and Flex 4 tours are here! Adam Lehman of Adobe, who was featured on CFConversations this week, will be our speaker for this event.

If you're in or near the Cleveland area, join us! It's at 6pm, and at the offices of:

Dealer Tire, LLC 3711 Chester Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114

There will be food, beverages, and prizes, along with swag!

If you are planning to attend, it's imperative that you RSVP on the Cleveland CFUG website.

If you're not in the area, check out your user group website for more information about a tour date in your area.


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