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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Removing duplicates from an array of objects
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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Grails Spring Security Plugin - Logout postOnly setting
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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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ColdFusion Panel Reminder

This is just a quick reminder about the ColdFusion Panel's next episode. It will take place next week, February 8th at 12:00 PM EST. In this episode we will be talking about Why Server Side developers should consider jQuery. This is a great topic because I believe its one of those essential tools that you need to have in your developer tool belt. You panelists for the session are Rey Bango, Doug Neiner, Raymond Camden and Ben Nadel. If you want to find out more about the episode check out all of the information here.


CFPanel Episode 4 - Flex & AIR, why should I care

This week is going to be another awesome episode so don't miss it. We have 3 awesome panel members who are ready to share their knowledge with you. Below is a description of this weeks episode along with a link to the show details.

In this episode we'll talk about Flex & AIR and why you as a developer should care about these technologies. RIA is no longer a buzzword we use to sell to our customers. The web has moved towards a richer, more interactive user experience. Adobe is at the head of this movement with the Flash platform and AIR runtime environment. We will discuss why these are essential skills for you to learn but also how can go about doing so. Our panel members all have experience using these technologies and will come on the panel today to spread their knowledge.


CFPanel Episode 3: You don't want to miss this one

This is going to be an awesome episode so make sure you do not miss it. We have an amazing panel today that include Ray Camden, Sean Corfield & Adam Lehman. Below is a quick description of the episode and a link to the show notes.

In this episode we'll talk about ColdFusion as a language moving forward. This topic was inspired by the 2nd day keynote given by Joe Rinehart at CFUnited this year. In this panel we will discuss how ColdFusion came to fame, where the language is currently and what lies ahead. I think its important subject for all ColdFusion developers and we are lucky to have a really great group on the panel this week so don't be late!


CF Panel Episode 1 today at 12 PM Est

I just wanted to send out a reminder that episode 1 of the new cfpanel live cast will go live today at 12 PM Est. You can find out more details about the meeting and the the URL below. We would like to have a live audience so we can have some good Q&A throughout so please join us.

CF Panel Episode 1


CFPanel Launched

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of a new community effort, cfpanel. This is an effort put together by myself and Todd Sharp to bring a new live podcast hosted by a rotating panel of community members to discuss relevant topics. You can Read more here or find out the details about our first meeting here.