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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Eclipse Quick Tip

I say that this is an Eclipse quick tip because it should be helpful to all. I mainly use CFEclipse & Flex Builder in the course of a workday and there is one thing that I can share with you. A friend of mine upgraded to Eclipse 3.4 last night and during a chat he said it seems to be a bit quicker, except on start up. I hear this a lot from CFE users and there is a pretty easy solution to this. Most of the time you start creating different projects and after awhile you can end up with 60 to 80 projects pretty quickly. If you leave all of the projects open shutdown and fire Eclipse up the next morning it needs to load all of these resources. A very easy fix is to close all unrelated projects. I only keep open the projects I am working on and when I am ready to switch it is very easy to close / close unrelated projects.

Eclipse 3.4 New Project Feature

After upgrading to the new Eclipse 3.4 Platform I am pretty excited about a couple new features. This one is more of a time saver for me and some may not care but I really like it. We have about 10 servers here that I do direct development on (no source control, I know...) and I need a good way to organize all of my projects. What I do is create working sets for each server eg dev1,live1 etc... When I create a new project there is now a feature to add this project to a working set which saves time from having to go in and edit the working sets. This is small but I am big fan of it!

Remove all lines using CFEclipse

If you have ever downloaded a text file or source code and just had way to many blank lines in it what did you do? Did you go through and delete all of the lines by hand? After you got tired of doing that did you try a find and replace of "\r\n"? After all those things do not work are you ready for the easiest solution ever? Open up your file in CFEclipse (it may be an Eclipse feature) and hit ctrl+f to open the find & replace dialog box. In the find input enter \r\n. Wait you said that would not work? I did say that, and that is because your normal editor does not allow for regular expressions. Check Regular Expressions in the options and hit replace. That is all there is to it, I mean really is there anything this IDE does not do? The example below is an ext file that is pretty large, but a pretty easy task with CFEclipse.

CFEclipse Upper / Lower Case

Here is a quick tip that I use on a daily basis that I can not live without. Highlight some text and simply use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shif+U to transform the highlighted text into uppercase. To create lowercase text simply use ctrl+shift+L. Just another reason I love CFEclipse. If you have not tried it yet then go do it now by clicking

Mark Drew CFEclipse Presentation

Last week at our CFUG meeting we were lucky enough to have Mark Drew present CFEclipse to us. Here is a quick blurb from my posting last week about the presentation and a link to the presentation is below.

Tonight's Meeting
We are pleased to have Mark Drew, the lead developer of the CFEclipse project, to present to us on CFEclipse.  Mark Drew will be presenting how to get to grip with the basics of CFEclipse, speeding up your development with Snippets and SnipEx and finally focusing on the CF frameworks explorer.

If you haven't taken a look at CFEclipse... I highly suggest that you do!  It's a free open source ColdFusion plugin for the Eclipse IDE. We will be recording this presentation and making it available either right after the meeting or first thing tomorrow morning.


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