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Code Jam Playlist on Spotify

I have decided to start a playlist on Spotify called Code Jam. This playlist is a collaborative playlist and I would like developers from all over to participate. There is however one important rule and I need you to follow it to make this playlist awesome. You are only allowed to add one song to this playlist. Find a song that really gets you going in your coding session and add it to the list. I think this is going to be fun and I am excited to see what tracks people add to the playlist. Please click on the link below to launch the playlist and be sure to subscribe to it! Happy Coding!!!


Spotify Artist Central

If you didn't get a chance to read my last post I am a huge fan of Spotify. I want to talk about another feature of the software today. If you search for an artist and click on the artist name you will be given a ton of information on that artist. In the overview tab you will see things like top hits and a list of all of their albums. What is also cool though is that you can what other albums they appear on or even singles.

The biography gives you some great information on the artist. I highly doubt they are creating this content or updating it so I am a little curious as to where this information is coming from, but pretty cool none the less.

Finally the related artists tab shows you artists you might like. As I said before one of the main reasons I love this app is how it almost goes out of its own way to help you discover music. This is very important because after searching for music for 20 minutes you start running out of ideas. Its great to have features like this remind you of some great bands that you like.


Spotify: The next big thing in music

If you haven't heard yet Spotify just launched in the US yesterday and the reception has been a good one. Spotify is a service that allows you to search millions of songs and play them instantly on your desktop or phone. Any track, anytime, anywhere and if that weren't enough it's free. In this article we will take a look at what the service is, how it works and how in this writer's opinion, will redefine the music industry.

When I started writing this article I really wanted to come up with a good one line description of what Spotify is. After throwing around several ideas I saw a quote from WIRED magazine that knocked it out of the park.

"Those who have tried Spotify know it's like a magical version of iTunes in which you've already bought every song in the world."
I think I would like to add one big asterisk to that statement. If you have ever used iTunes you might agree with me that it isn't the fastest program in the world. I would say that Spotify is quite the opposite, it is amazingly fast. It is so fast that the programmer in me needed to investigate and find out exactly how this magic happens. Below are a couple videos that will give you an idea of Spotify is.

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