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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Removing duplicates from an array of objects
Arvind said: Great tip, can't thank you enough for this. [More]

Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Grails Spring Security Plugin - Logout postOnly setting
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Intro to Spring Security Core for Grails
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Feedly RSS Reader

Trying to get my Mac all setup over here and I finally decided to start using an RSS reader. I needed something that was web based so I could share it between computers. A friend recommended feedly so I thought I would give it a shot. So far I really like this application and here are a few of the reasons.

  • Simple & Clean UI
  • Easy to create categories
  • Adding content is easy and discovering new feeds is a great feature
  • Easy view an entire category or specific feed
  • Customizable views


Microsoft RDP Client for Mac

I was happy to find out that MS has a free RDP tool for Mac. You can download and install it using the link below. Run the app and enter your server address.