I just wanted to take a second to share a screen cast that I came across. This was a presentation that Hans gave to a Java users group in October of 2012. I have listed the presentation description below but I just wanted to say that he is an absolutely amazing presenter. Very knowledgeable, dynamic and just fun to watch. Gradle can be a little overwhelming to some of us at first but I think he does a great job of showing you everything it can do it a short amount of time.

After sitting down with Marakana for an episode of Breaking Open, Hans Dockter, creator of the open source Gradle platform, and founder of Gradleware, headed over to the SFJava Usergroup to deliver this mammoth of a speech. Chock full of code and demos, Hans goes over everything that makes Gradle awesome: from serious build automation and organization, to Maven and Ant compatibility. If you're dealing with a jumbled mess of plugins and undocumented code, you probably want to check this presentation ou